Hydraulic systems require clean, contaminant-free oil for
efficient and reliable operation. Contaminants can come
from a number of sources and find their way into the system
which is why filters play an important role.
The pressurised oil can quickly carry the contaminants
through the entire system causing premature failure of
components, internal leakage and power losses.
Many contaminants are produced at hose manufacture stage.
Whether they be for new systems or replacement in old systems –
all hydraulic lines should be free of contaminants. Filters
can quickly clog up and depending on where the contaminants
entered the system the damage could be already done before passing
through the filters.
Cut-off saws and drop saws can produce large amounts of
rubber and metal particles. In the below image, on the left is
a clean projectile, on the right, is a picture of a projectile that
was fired down a 2”multi-spiral hose after being cut by a
drop saw.
This is why, here at Gerrard Hydraulics, all hoses
manufactured are projectile cleaned during assembly then
plugged or capped off at both ends thus ensuring one less
source of potential damage to your system.
If you manufacture your own hoses and have an air
the compressor we highly recommend getting a projectile gun
and projectiles for the various hose sizes you work with.
Get in touch with us today for pricing or more information.