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Airline fittings

The Ryco Air range is suitable for use in many applications including pneumatically driven hand tools, air compressors, spray painting equipment and

Ball Valves

Ball valves are used to open and close off the flow of hydraulic oil. Available in various sizes and pressure

Bluetooth Pressure Transmitters

The Bluetooth Pressure Transmitter is perfect for wirelessly monitoring the pressure of your system. Simple to use with the free downloadable


Air breathers are best suited for the filter of contaminants in the air as it enters and exits a hydraulic

Check Valves

Check valves allow flow of oil in one direction and prevent reverse flow. Commonly used in bypass applications. Available in various


Diffusers are used inside the oil reservoir on the return line below the level of oil.  They help to prevent


All hydraulic systems need filtration to help obtain longer efficient system operation. Filters are available in various sizes and types

Hydraulic Hose Crimping

Crimpers are used to permanently attach hose ends to hydraulic hose. There are various options to consider when selecting the

Mounting Clamps

Mounting clamps come in single and double moulds suitable for fixing either hydraulic tube or flexible hoses onto machinery or

Oil Level Gauges

These gauges are designed for installation on the outside of an oil reservoir to allow easy monitoring of the oil level.

Pressure Gauge Kits

Superior Pressure Gauge Kits & Accessories From Gerrard Hydraulics Our pressure gauge test kits are ideal for testing pressure in

Quick Release Couplings

Quick Release Couplings are used when hydraulic hoses need to be connected and disconnected quickly and easily between different connection points

Stocking a comprehensive range of Hydraulic components and related accessories in our Canning Vale facility, combined with access to the full catalogue range of Ryco Hydraulics and other national and international products, we at Gerrard Hydraulics can offer a solution to almost any hydraulic accessory to suit most applications, from small reservoir breathers to full system monitoring and testing equipment.

As there are many and varied accessories we have included some general data sheets. For full catalogue information please contact our office.