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Fixed Piston

Displacements 5 cc/rev to 250 cc/rev (0.3 ci/rev to 15.2 ci/rev) Power range up to 190 kW (254 hp) Speeds

Variable Piston

Displacements 17 cc/rev to 115 cc/rev (1.04 ci/rev to 7.02 ci/rev) Power range up to 220 kW (295 hp) Speeds

Hydraulic Piston Motors, Perth

A hydraulic motor enables a hydraulic power unit to transmit rotational power to remote machinery.

Like so many aspects of hydraulic engineering, hydraulic motors come in almost as many varieties as the uses to which they are put. The first use of hydraulic drive was to power a swing bridge over the River Tyne in England in 1873. Since then, the ability to transmit great power through a highly flexible, bearingless coupling has had such obvious appeal that it has found a home in applications as varied as vehicular drive, conveyor belts and crane power.

There are many basic types of hydraulic motor, but one of the most popular and versatile is the piston motor. Even within the piston motor field, though, the variety of designs and capacities is bewilderingly large. Deep knowledge and extensive experience are required to correctly specify a motor for a particular application. Piston motors are chosen for their high start-up torque and for the ability of many designs to offer seamless and consistent torque throughout their rotational speed range; typically from “creep” to 10000 rpm. They are also prized for their smooth running characteristics.

Specifying a piston hydraulic motor essentially entails answering two questions:

  • How much power is required?
  • At what speed is that power to be delivered?

Gerrard Hydraulics have access to a comprehensive range of hydraulic piston motors, including the following types:

  • Radial piston motors – 5 cylinder, single row and 10 cylinder, twin row. These units are ideal for applications requiring efficient power delivery at low revs.
  • Fixed Piston motors – up to 190 kW/8500 rpm. As the figures suggest, this style of motor is designed to operate at much higher revs.
  • Variable Piston – up to 220 kW/3800 rpm.

Get the right motor for the task in hand – first time – from Gerrard Hydraulics.